Call for Submissions

Good news! Circulation is making our last call for submissions for the spring issue and guess what…you’ve already created yours!

Share your creativity with the iSchool community!  Our spring issue is all about “What I Know Now.”  It will be featuring the very best student writing and artwork from 2013-14.
Not sure what to submit?  Here are a few ideas:
  • A snippet from your Capstone project. 
  • A paper you enjoyed writing last quarter. 
  • Research you conducted and want to share with the world. 
  • Photographs you captured on spring break adventures. 
  • That super-sleek infographic you designed. 
  • A short story you wrote over winter break.
  • A sketch you made while studying in the library.
  • That poem you wrote as a break from readings.
  • A blog post you wrote about your favorite lecture.
Circulation wants to know: What did you make of this year?  Please send your work to by June 1.
 But don’t worry, you’ve already got this!

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