Become a Peer Reviewer!

Have you always wondered what academic publishing is like behind the scenes?


Craving some first hand experience in the world of academic journals?

Well, this opportunity is for you!

To be published

Email your work no later than December 18 to be featured in our winter issue. The topic at hand is scholarly work. Have an assignment from another class that you’d love to share with your peers? Email your work at

To be a peer reviewer

We’re expecting plenty of submissions, and we’re going to need help giving each one the attention it deserves. As a peer reviewer, you’ll have a chance to shape the Winter Issue, build your editing skills, and offer constructive feedback to your cohort.

Interested in becoming a peer reviewer or simply want more information? Send an email to Simply include “Peer Reviewer Volunteer” or “Peer Reviewer Volunteer Information” in the subject line.

Please get your emails in by December 18 so we’ll have time to get submissions matched with reviewers.

Last year I was a peer reviewer – it was a great experience as I was able to read other students work and provide constructive feedback. Circulation does a fantastic job creating an experience that is very similar to academic publications. Plus, it’s a great way to be involved with a low time commitment.

To celebrate what is bound to be a successful Winter edition, Circulation will be hosting an event to have a lively academic discussion (and food for those attending in person). More information soon to come but mark your calendars for Feb. 23rd, 2016, 6:30-8:00pm in the Allen Auditorium.


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