As information professionals, our futures will inevitably follow the trajectory of technological development.  Our predecessors saw their roles shift as the scrolls of Alexandria gave way to the codex.  Innovations in printing sped the dissemination of knowledge with each passing century until a company called Xerox brought photocopying to the masses.  The Sojourner, predecessor to this journal, was born out of this development.  Later, The Sojourner became the The Silverfish as students once again embraced the future and started a blog.

Launched in 2013, Circulation takes advantage of the myriad communication venues available today.  We publish journals electronically, we keep a blog, we tweet, and we reach out through Facebook.  Starting in the 2014-15 school year, we will also be sponsoring events promoting literature and scholarship.  With all this change, our mission remains the same: To serve our fellow students.

The editors see Circulation as a venue for creative expression.  We want to continue the tradition of librarians as people who don’t just keep the literary cannon, but add to it. In the iSchool, what unites and motivates us all is curiosity.  We want to showcase information managers who think critically about their processes and want to discuss real change.  This is your forum for your ideas and creativity.

As you read through issues of Circulation, think about how you can contribute to these conversations.

What ideas need to be expressed?  What has this inspired you to create?

To those of you who have already contributed: Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  To those of you who will contribute in the future: Show us where the next steps lead!

A special thanks also goes to editors past.  Thank you for keeping the torch going!



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