The Winter Issue Needs You!

Hello everyone!

As we all barricade ourselves in for some quality study time, I have a riddle for you.

What do Star Wars, the first week of break, and the deadline for Circulation submissions have in common?

Answer: They’re all next week!

That’s right, the deadline for getting your academic works or peer reviewer volunteer requests submitted is December 18. Email your submissions to and your volunteer requests to me at

Remember, if you’re submitting a piece for publication, it doesn’t have to be a full length thesis on the ramifications of the small-worlds theory. If you have a class assignment you think we’d enjoy, email it to us and we’ll look it over.

If you’re interested in being a peer reviewer, simply put “Peer Reviewer Volunteer” in your email subject. The first round of submissions to be reviewed will be distributed January 9. Remember, just in case getting to read and edit your peers’ work isn’t awesome enough, it also looks great on a resume!

Mark your calendars, enjoy your week, and good luck with those final projects!


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